What can you blog about? Seasonal topics

small_2493066577In this article we look at business blog ideas based on seasonal topics and how to use them in a more interesting way.

Some seasonal aspects are obvious – Holiday Season gifts … winter checks for your car … time to submit your tax return … etc. But there are more subtle uses for the seasons when it comes to choices for business blog ideas. [Read more…]

10 links to help you write throat-grabbing headlines

Do you ever wonder how to write a really catchy headline for a blog post, article, social media post or as an email subject line?

10 links to help you write good headlines

“…how to ensure you pick the right words to trigger the right emotions…”

Here is the HTWB pick of articles and tutorials on the interwebby right now that will give you all the help you need to write headlines that work wonders for you and your business. [Read more…]

35 quick mini-tips on how to write hard-hitting headlines

How to write better headlines that pull in the readers is not a hit-or-miss exercise: there’s a bit of science to it, whatever its business purpose.

HTWB headlines May-16

Here are some quick mini-tips that will help you write good headlines, whatever they’re for. (And below, you’ll find the answers to Tuesday’s grammar quiz … check it out and see how you did…) [Read more…]

How to write from Canada with a 5-hour jetlag – ZZZzzzzzzz

Letter from Canada, on the way back to UK

To round off my contributions after working and holidaying in Canada recently I tried to think up some witty, informative prose to share on the way back to UK.

How to write from Canada with a 5-hour jetlag

My lapse of creative grunt was attributable purely to altitude, impending jetlag and painful symptoms inexplicably similar to those of a hangover.

This was while watching my plastic water bottle morph into the shape of a Barbie doll at 37,000 feet (ever noticed that? Cabin pressure is equal to about 8,000 feet above sea level which explains everything, so I’m told) and waiting for the child in the seat behind to kick me in the 2nd lumbar vertebra for the twentieth time.

Bye-bye homeland, hello goo-goo brain

[Read more…]

1,000 articles on How To Write Better – time to celebrate!

Just over four years ago someone said “Suzan St Maur, you’re good at writing. I’ll help you set up a blog about it because you’re someone who can show thousands of people how to write better.”

HTWB 1000 articlesWith that to spur me on, I decided to create a writing resource for anyone who either wants to write for fun, has to write for business, or needs to write to get their messages over more effectively. And now? [Read more…]

The best of Content Writing News 2014 – top curated articles

The best of Content Writing News 2014 - top curated articlesSubscribers to Content Writing News (formerly Blog Writing News) will know that I curate what I see as the most useful articles from around the web … helpful for anyone who wants to polish up their blogging and content writing. Here is my pick of the articles I think were the best of the crop during 2014. If you disagree, or want to add some, please share in the comments. [Read more…]