Grammar banana skins: when your est should be your etter, etcetera…

Being a boring Grammar Fascist, whenever I hear or read something like ” I have two kids and the oldest is 7,” I start to grind my teeth.

Grammar: when your est should be your etter, etcetera...

Do you slip on comparative adjective banana skins? Or on “between/among?”

Why? Because if you only have two kids** one is “the older” and the other is “the younger.” (Unless they’re twins, although one twin is likely to be at least a couple of minutes older than the other. However let’s leave the topic of obstetrics for another day.)

It’s all about those pesky comparative adjectives

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More lunacy from the English language

Still on the subject of the sheer folly of the English language, here are some further examples of why it is absolutely crazy … and very hard to learn for anyone who wasn’t born into it. How is it that this ridiculous lingua franca has become the third most widely spoken language in the world?

Can you figure out these homographs and homonyms

The bandage was wound around the wound. [Read more…]