Wedding Speeches For Everyone: great new eBook out very soon!

UPDATE April 14th, 2019 Coming very soon: a brand new eBook: Wedding Speeches For Everyone will be an instant download with perfect speech ideas not just for the traditional wedding roles but for everyone among your friends and family who may want to give a speech … even at the last minute.

Wedding Speeches For Everyone new eBook

Coming very soon: en eBook to help you and yours create wedding speeches everyone will remember! Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Whatever your role in the wedding, there’ll be speech help for you in this handy eBook. There’s no waffle (I’ve been giving the manuscript a good haircut so you get straight to what you need) and I’ve included a few other useful tips and bits of advice that will make a big difference to your speeches. [Read more…]

Due to make a wedding speech soon? Don’t get caught with your pants down

Are you due to make a speech at a wedding soon? You may not have noticed, but the wedding season in the northern hemisphere is taking off big-time. The wedding where you’re speaking may be just around the corner…

wedding speeches reminder on HTWB

Due to make a speech at a wedding this summer? Don’t get caught at the last minute with your pants down…

So: have you thought about your speech yet? What you’re going to say? What – depending on your role in the wedding party – you are supposed to say? No?

OK, here is a quick reminder based on what I wrote last year – suitably updated – to help you folks get your wedding speech safeguards in place … even at the last minute! [Read more…]