10 top tips to make blog comments that increase your own traffic

When this post was originally published in 2011, we didn’t have quite so much trouble in those days with “internet trolls” – unlike today, when it seems one relatively innocent comment on a blog or social media post can trigger hundreds of comments varying from total agreement to threats to strangle your cat. What has caused this escalation of social media and blog “hate mail?”

writing good blog comments on HTWB

Great stuff – but don’t forget to comment on others’ blogs, too!

It’s hard to say, but there does seem to be a direct correlation between the vastly increased political sparring both in the UK and the USA during 2016, and the increasingly harsh antagonism we see in blog comments and Facebook threads – even about relatively bland and innocent issues,

So in addition to the original 10 tips below, what about the trolls?

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Websites must be mobile friendly by April 21st. Here’s a quick way to find out if yours is…

For some time now, everyone has been talking about the need to make websites and blogs mobile friendly (including the words we write).

Websites must be mobile friendly by April 21st. Here's a quick way to find out if yours is...

Seems HTWB is mobile friendly already. Phew.

Now it seems that Google has set the date for the axe to fall when your site MUST be mobile friendly, like it or not – April 21st, 2015.

Most digi-gurus will know this already, but I thought it might be helpful to share this with people like me who aren’t necessarily in the know about all things internet…

I discovered this while chatting with other group members in Facebook’s The Women in Biz run by Bonnie Frank, and am eternally grateful to Bonnie for bringing my attention to it. There are more details about the whole thing in this article by Chuck Price on the website Search Engine Watch.

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Why we all must LOVE our owned content

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Your blog isn’t worth risking on the social media unless you have tied it down as your “owned content” first

There has been a lot of talk recently about moves on the part of the SocMed to get people blogging for business more directly on their platforms, rather than on (or in addition to) their “owned content” – i.e. own blogs and websites, etc.

For example, LinkedIn rather snottily “invites” members on a selective basis to publish their blog posts directly to the LI platform. Now, if you got passed over by the gods who determined who should be the early invitees, if you’re a good kiddie you can “apply” to LinkedIn and seek permission to do this as an also-ran. Snooty, snooty.

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

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Job seekers: amp up your game with blogging

job seekers,blogging,blog,resume,CV,interview,writingIf you’re a job seeker you’ll probably know that increasingly, employers are looking for “blogging” as a key work skill. And what better way to demonstrate to potential employers that you blog well, than by doing one! In this article by brilliant young job seeker Lorenzo Matibag from NYC, he shares his tips on how to do it well and attract that dream job. [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: Q is for Questions and Answers


If you’re not confident that you know
what sort of questions your customers
may ask, go and ask them.

Questions and answers are often a good way to get information across in a way that suggests input from outsiders, to which you supply answers that cordially address their particular problems and inveigle them, and others, into your way of thinking and so into your potential client base.

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The A-2-Z of business blog writing: P is for Promoting your blog posts

business,blog,writing,blogging,promoting,social mediaOnce you’ve written your business blog, you have to promote it. Otherwise how will anyone else other than your Mom and your dog know it’s out there and of interest to your readers? [Read more…]