How to write a bloody awful blog post – update

It’s more than four years since this tongue-in-cheek article about business blogging appeared and looking at it again, I find it utterly terrifying.

writing bloody awful blog posts HTWB
Why? Because so little has changed. So little has improved. Day after day businesses are still churning out the bullsh*t I rather cruelly outline below.

So, Google, much as I would love to have updated the article to show how far we have come in four years’ worth of blogging experience, if I am to be honest with you, I can’t update a damned thing apart from one or two small points…

Let’s blog badly … and at least have a laugh about it

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Why the dear old business blog’s still alive – and kicking butt

Have you ever wondered why the humble business blog is still the powerful marketing communication tool it was years ago?

Although we’ve seen dozens of digital entities rise up and faceplant months (or even weeks – remember “Blab?”) later, why is it that the humble blog is still in there fighting your business’s corner, establishing your brand and driving traffic to your website?

Why business blogs still work on HTWB

Business blogs today have a robustly successful history that – in online terms – is truly ancient. Why?

Here are some notes from a workshop session I led recently in England, where we looked at the basic strengths of the business blog within the current marketing communication mix. After the event I thought these notes, with a bit of editing, would make a useful summary of where business blogs are today after a history that – in online terms – is truly ancient…

Business blogs may be a bit battered, but they’re still hanging in

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14 good ideas for great business blog posts

If you ever scratch around looking for new ideas to write about in business blog posts, here’s a curation of 14 star-quality ideas to solve your problem instantly.

14 good ideas for great business blog posts

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Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2017?

I want to show you just how important blogging can be even to – especially to – small businesses like ours. And I’d also like to update you on the role blogging plays for SMEs today.

Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2016?

Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2016?

There have been lulls in its popularity, and also there have been reversions to it after brief incursions elsewhere. More of that below.

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The 10 most helpful business blogging posts on HWTB

Although there are nearly 250 articles and tutorials about business blogging here on HTWB, we thought you’d like a reminder of the 10 posts readers find the most helpful of all…10 most helpful business blog posts on How To Write BetterBlogging for business goes in and out of fashion today, particularly as new platforms, apps and other means of communicating proliferate on the internet, diverting our attention away from the humble blog post.

But not for long. It’s interesting how, despite the periodic flutter away from it, blogging for business continues to provide us with a solid, reliable means of communicating with our readers and customers.

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How to write the bullsh*t out of your business blog posts

Although business blog posts are entitled to be opinion pieces rather than straight, hard reportage, when it comes down to the crunch, your opinion by itself – no matter how much of an expert you are – often isn’t enough.How to write better .netAfter all, despite the informality and intimacy of the blog culture, if you want to be credible in a business context to your readers, you want to make sure that what you write isn’t hot air, yes? And unless you are a very well recognised expert in your field, this needs to be backed up – or it could be seen as bullsh*t.

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