How to optimize your blog’s images in 3 easy steps (and why you should)

Blog writers, in particular, often forget to optimize the images we use to illustrate our words – so losing some potentially valuable SEO traction. Yet with just a few simple key strokes you can benefit from greater Google visibility. To show us how, please welcome USA-based content marketer Owen Hunt

How to optimize your images and why it's important

We’ve all heard that images are important to add life to our content and spice up otherwise boring and bland content. What we haven’t discussed nearly enough, is how important optimizing images is for your overall SEO. We spend so much time on text and behind the scenes optimization that many of us forget our images.

Without properly optimizing your images, you could be leaving half of your SEO potential on the table. [Read more…]

What can you blog about? Seasonal topics

small_2493066577In this article we look at business blog ideas based on seasonal topics and how to use them in a more interesting way.

Some seasonal aspects are obvious – Holiday Season gifts … winter checks for your car … time to submit your tax return … etc. But there are more subtle uses for the seasons when it comes to choices for business blog ideas. [Read more…]

The 10 most helpful business blogging posts on HWTB

Although there are nearly 250 articles and tutorials about business blogging here on HTWB, we thought you’d like a reminder of the 10 posts readers find the most helpful of all…10 most helpful business blog posts on How To Write BetterBlogging for business goes in and out of fashion today, particularly as new platforms, apps and other means of communicating proliferate on the internet, diverting our attention away from the humble blog post.

But not for long. It’s interesting how, despite the periodic flutter away from it, blogging for business continues to provide us with a solid, reliable means of communicating with our readers and customers.

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Video: only when you have the luxury of time

Video: only when you have the luxury of time

It may be a bit of a Pavlov Dog reaction but people often sit back and take a breather when they watch even a short business video, as they do when watching TV at home

In our mad rush of information of today, do we really have time to absorb it from a video or audio program – when text is absorbed a lot faster?

Don’t for a moment think I’m going to berate the use of video for business and other online communication. [Read more…]

Do you ever get stuck for ideas when you have to write a blog for your business?

How to write brilliant business blogsThe no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your brand, business and customer loyalty

Fed up with the gurus and so-called experts telling you how to set up your blog without sharing any really useful ideas on what to write about? This is the book that cures the problem. 50,000 words not about plugins, widgets and other whizzybangs but some good, sound sense on what to write that makes sure your blog achieves, retains and grows your status and the ongoing business you so richly deserve. [Read more…]

Blogs and social media: publishing #blogversational posts direct to the SocMed

blogs,business,writing,social media,#blogversationIn true #blogversational spirit, several of the main social media platforms now allow you to post blogs directly on there and bypass your own site altogether. So how do you benefit from this #blogversational but all the same rather nebulous option?

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