Writing a nonfiction book: does it help to work with a buddy or two?

The prospect of writing a full-length nonfiction book can be a lonely one. Here are some options that could help you on your journey, involving a choice of partnerships…


If you are considering writing a book with one or more others, it’s worth working into your planning process exactly who does what, and on what criteria you will agree on structure, content, editing and so-on. (Saves arguments later!)

I have the experience of working with a co-author on two of my books. In both cases we split the proceeds 50-50, and I believe that’s customary when both co-authors contribute equal amounts to the project. This issue can be a tricky one if you don’t know what to watch out for, especially as people are likely to have differing views on what constitutes 50% of the effort.

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Book publishing – scams are alive and well and living in the USA, part 2

By James A Rose

In last’s week’s article, James Rose, from Tennessee-based InstantPublisher.com, shared his view of traditional publishers and literary agents in the USA – both the good and the bad. As I mentioned last week, it’s no surprise that – if anything – there are even more potential scams to watch out for in the USA than there are here in the UK. Anyway, this week James looks at the fast-growing and increasingly complex area of self-publishing and its derivatives…

Book publishing scams are alive and well and living in the USA

Self-publishing in the USA: a bit of a minefield, but this advice will help you avoid the scams

Self-publishing is a catch all term referring to any company that provides any type of service that might be needed by an author who wishes to self-publish. Every publishing model except traditional is a so called self-publishing company and simultaneously there is no such thing as a self-publishing company.

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