Book review: UK family law demystified, in plain English

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New book demystifies UK Family Law

If you thought it impossible to see the phrases “book about family law” and “a good read” in the same article, never mind the same sentence, think again. For the first time ever, with “Family Law Made Simple” by Slater & Gordon Lawyers and Sarah A Thompson, I read a book about professional services from cover to cover without stopping.

Just under 150 pages of their practical, sensible advice and explanations flew by, punctuated by the occasional wry comment or joke. It’s good to know that law can be interesting and lawyers can write well (congratulations, guys!) [Read more…]

Book review: an intriguing cruise with Slippers In The Oven

HTWB SlippersIf you’re someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor about ocean cruises, don’t read “Slippers In The Oven” by Roberta Aarons.

It’s a vicious yet hysterically funny pastiche about the modern holiday/vacation cruise business and the passengers it attracts.

But, the main arterial element of the book is a disturbing and heart-rending story of two estranged sisters trying to find a workable relationship after a lifetime of rivalry and misunderstanding, who decide they might achieve this on an ocean cruise which is territorially and emotionally neutral. [Read more…]

Business book review: why you must go to the Go-To Expert

HTWB Go-To ExpertFrankly, The Go-To Expert is not so much a book as it is a 275-page Masters Degree course in marketing and sales for micro-businesses and SMEs. In this one hefty volume you will learn everything you need to know about branding, marketing, PR, sales, selling skills and many more elements to quickly rise head and shoulders above your competitors … and become the Go-To expert in your field.

But there are no quick fixes or magic formulae. And just as well: I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with these self-help books that skirt around a topic and leave you thinking “yeah, that all sounds great, but how do I do  it?” [Read more…]