Some alternative conversation starters for networking events

Recently I tripped over an article I had saved a few years ago about conversation starters to help break the ice at business networking events. Given that a while has passed since the article was published I thought I would use its thoughts as a basis for a, er, new article on how to create a little fun with business networking conversation starters today.

comedy article about business networking

“Hello. Is this your first time at this event?”

With many thanks and commiserations to the original author of this article: I would love to have credited you properly but as my admin systems are a mess, voilà. Sorry. Message me and I will make amends. Promise.

My evil thoughts about the following:

1) “Well, while we’re here, I might as well introduce myself.” Give them a dark look, then say “I was just on my way to the toilet. Shall we go and introduce ourselves there?” [Read more…]

Small business: “We don’t have to be on page 1 of Google? Are you nuts?”

There’s nothing like a digital bombshell to make someone choke on their Skinny Latte. But choke the lovely Howard did, when I said he was nuts to try to get on to Page 1 of Google.

“What the f*** do you mean? We’ve just spent thousands on a fancy new humdingering all-singing fully optimized website and SEO consultancy and you’re telling me it’s not necessary?”

htwb-google-2016Poor Howard’s eyes were bulging by now, but of course wasted money to him is about as welcome as a t*rd in an ice bucket. He is an accountant. [Read more…]

Business networking – why you need to write what you say you’ll write

When you’re out networking for your business or other activity, it’s very easy to chat to someone, take their card and say you’ll drop them a note about this or that. And then forget all about it once you get back home or to your office and get overwhelmed by 18,000 other urgent things you need to do.

Business networking - why you need to write what you say you'll write

Do you really want to lose the opportunity to use that initial meeting as a starting point of a useful business relationship?

Maybe, you look through your notes two or three weeks later and respond then.

But hey – either of these can be very bad news for your reputation, image, brand and quite a few other things.

Why you need to write to business networking contacts sooner rather than later

[Read more…]

Last chance to squeeze into the Referability Boot Camp in Milton Keynes tomorrow

It’s now or never. Today is your last chance to put on your reinforced thinking gear and sign up for our #Referability Boot Camp in Milton Keynes, England, tomorrow morning – July 23rd 2015.

LATEST: It was great! We had an excellent, if rather busy time but our participants left with a heavy virtual bag full of useful information to help them get more of those precious business referrals. As we’ve had a lot of interest we’re now looking at running another Boot Camp in the autumn, so drop us a comment if you want to get on the next one (and are within reach of Milton Keynes, England…) Last chance to squeeze into the Referability Boot Camp in Milton Keynes tomorrow

If you’re tough enough to cope with it, don’t miss the chance to put on your boots and kick your competition right where it hurts. Base camp is at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in MK.
[Read more…]

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this Referability chance?

If you’re based anywhere near the Milton Keynes, England area, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Especially if you regard face-to-face business networking as an important part of your marketing, this will give you all the tools you need to take that to a whole new level. Why?

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?Getting referred on someone’s honest recommendation is probably the best (and cheapest) marketing tool you can use to increase your sales and profitability. Of course, you know that you’re extremely good at what you do. But how can others know how good you are – and refer you on to their contacts – unless you demonstrate your expertise and professionalism with everything you do and say? [Read more…]

Your 60 second pitch: what to say to your regular networking audience

People, including yours truly here, love to talk about elevator speeches and how awful they can be. But whether or not we regard them scornfully they are an intrinsic, and immovable, part of our business networking culture.

Your 60 second pitch: what to say to your regular networking audience

To repeat the same 60 seconds’ worth of words more than once or twice is going to bore people.

How your 60 second pitch comes across at a networking event is something many people agonize over, and polish to the enth degree. And that’s fine, provided that each time you get up to do your 60 second pitch you’re talking to a fresh audience.

But what happens when many in that audience have heard your 60 second pitch before? Some maybe several times? [Read more…]