Business writing: what do you get when you cross a copywriter with a wordsmith?

Writers, writers, everywhere and not a name to call them (clue: they all write for business).

Business writing: what do you get when you cross a copywriter with a wordsmith?

Many of our colleagues have been playing around with ideas of what we should call ourselves given this new species we have become.

10-20 years ago, the different types of non-technical commercial writing were clearly defined and easy for everyone to understand. They all worked in comparative isolation… [Read more…]

How to keep writing for business when you’ve got Baby Brain…

In this article we welcome freelance blogger and copywriter Ariel Rule, from Portland, Oregon, who shares how she keeps her business writing show on the road despite having a newborn plus a toddler to distract her from creating those magical words. Lady writers with kids, you will remember this challenge well.

How to keep writing for business when you've got Baby Brain...

Are you a new Mom with Baby brain? Don’t take on more than you can handle, says Ariel Rule.

Despite my having participated in a conference call about a marketing campaign proposal while en route to hospital in labour with my son, once he had emerged into the world some hours later my brain turned to mashed potatoes and I have been struggling to fix that ever since. (My son is now 23.)

Here’s how Ariel is coping…plus some very useful advice on how you ladies who write for a living – or who have to write for business – can cope for yourselves. 

Pregnancy Brain. Momma Brain. Baby Brain.

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A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 2

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 2

Help yourself to some tasty finger food…

In case you didn’t catch up with last week’s article, I am a “serial networker” as someone on LinkedIn called me recently.

In my work (and giving talks) as a business writer I have had more business breakfasts than Gordon Ramsay has said the F-word on TV, and enough business networking lunches to feed a small developing country for a year. [Read more…]

Why I love being a business writer

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My mother told me many years ago to forget writing and get a proper job. Mind you, she did have “issues…”

On LinkedIn recently, my good friend Mark Orr posed some interesting questions about business generally. One that struck me the most was this:

…if you were going to promote yourself as successful what would that success look like to you and how would you describe it?

Here is what I replied, and I really would like your honest views about it (in the comments below…) [Read more…]