Storytelling in business: why it can be dangerous

Did you realise that business storytelling can be dangerous for innocent customers? UK based business coach Phil Morton shares some very useful tips on how to avoid being taken in by business stories which, despite being popular sledge hammers in the inbound marketing toolbox, can turn out to be fairy tales…

Business storytelling - why it can be dangerous

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.”

Most of us will know from our childhood what is coming next. We are about to be told a story, we are about to be entertained, for a period of time. The story may even hold some moral teaching, or life lesson to take away.

As adults we sometimes choose to spend money at the cinema or theatre to have a story played out before us, but even if we don’t, we are surrounded by stories. [Read more…]

Business writing reality check: it’s all about words. And a sparrow.

A sparrow joined us for our women’s business networking lunch yesterday in grizzly, drizzly south central England. Poor little guy was perched high up on the picture rail of our meeting room, watching us talk and eat our lunch.

Business writing reality check: it’s all about words. And a sparrow.

Go, little sparrow. We love you, your simplicity and what it can teach us about getting stuff right first time.

At one o’clock I thought, he’ll spring out and yell “Cuckoo!” But instead he took off along the lunch table (fortunately without dropping a bomb load) and landed on the floor near a doorway, just as one (fortunately) bird-loving guest was half-way through her 60-second elevator pitch. [Read more…]

Here come the Holidays, so who needs business writing? Ah, but…

As you’re reading this – especially if you’re in the UK – the last thing on your mind will be what you need to write for business in the coming two weeks.

HTWB Xmas biz writingYour to-do list will be heaving with everything from gift shopping to picking up the turkey to getting your tax return in order (well, you should, according to my accountant) to cleaning up after the office party to wondering how to stop your cat from shattering the Christmas tree all over your living room carpet.

Look on the bright side – you’ll soon be free to think about business writing 2016 (LOL!)

[Read more…]

Business writing: what do you get when you cross a copywriter with a wordsmith?

Writers, writers, everywhere and not a name to call them (clue: they all write for business).

Business writing: what do you get when you cross a copywriter with a wordsmith?

Many of our colleagues have been playing around with ideas of what we should call ourselves given this new species we have become.

10-20 years ago, the different types of non-technical commercial writing were clearly defined and easy for everyone to understand. They all worked in comparative isolation… [Read more…]

“I’m a business writer and business writing trainer. Questions, kids?”

OK, that’s what I am … but who understands what it means, especially when you’re a teenager?

Recently I have been doing some (voluntary) work here in Milton Keynes, England, helping secondary/high school kids learn more about the realpolitik  of the business world. We’re very lucky to have two organisations running schemes where business people go into these schools and talk to students: one is ProActive Education, and the other is the charity Worktree.

Teaching high school students about business and business writing

Students need to know that no matter how boring it may seem, correct grammar/spelling/punctuation in job applications and CVs/résumés can make the difference between getting a job … and not getting it.

So what exactly does this entail, and how much do these teenagers know – if anything – about the importance that business writing will have in their future careers? [Read more…]

Content writing: the best of the curated crop for November 2015

HTWB CW News logoOnce again here are some really useful articles on content writing from around the internet. Enjoy…

The 10-Minute, 10-Step Solution For The Best Blog Outline
By one of my favorite content writing commentators, Julie Neidlinger – on

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

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