Happy Canada Day 2020

Wishing Canadians everywhere

a safe, healthy and happy

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day from Suzan St Maur…in this troubling and often tragic year.

Suze and all from HTWB



Happy Canada Day!

HTWB Canada DayHave a great time on Canada Day!
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Writing about my home on Canada Day

Before we go any further, greetings to all you Canadians far and wide on this, our national day. (And no jokes…)

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Happy Canada Day!

Greetings to all my fellow Canucks

on our proud national day

Canadian flag
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Canada Day: why I find it hard to write about

HTWB CDay flagBeing a born and bred Canuck I value Canada Day on July 1st each year because it celebrates the country I belong to and the country I love.

It’s a day that should – and I hope does – inspire more and more new Canadians from wherever they might have immigrated from to celebrate being Canadian and committing themselves to the future of a wonderful country.

We’ve all heard the jokes about Canada being a freezing cold wasteland… [Read more…]