Writing names for new weed products in Stonetario, Canada…

With recent news in Ontario, Canada that manufacturers of drinks and other products are keen to get in on Canada’s incoming legalisation of fun-filled weed, here are some suggestions for bespoke brand names that will take the new market by storm…

Let's all get high in Ontario

Not to be smoked with a pinch of salt…

Names for new cannabis drink and food products: some ideas

Doctor Potter

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Happy Canada Day!

HTWB Canada DayHave a great time on Canada Day!
From Suze & Co on How To Write Better

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

Happy Thanksgiving, CanadaA very happy Thanksgiving (October 12th) to all my Canadian friends and family.

Yes, unlike our neighbours to the south we do not celebrate Thanksgiving ten minutes before Christmas.

That’s mainly because we can’t be bothered to cook two elaborate turkey dinners so close together that the dishes are hardly dry from the first before we start serving the next one. [Read more…]

How to write from Canada with a 5-hour jetlag – ZZZzzzzzzz

Letter from Canada, on the way back to UK

To round off my contributions after working and holidaying in Canada recently I tried to think up some witty, informative prose to share on the way back to UK.

How to write from Canada with a 5-hour jetlag

My lapse of creative grunt was attributable purely to altitude, impending jetlag and painful symptoms inexplicably similar to those of a hangover.

This was while watching my plastic water bottle morph into the shape of a Barbie doll at 37,000 feet (ever noticed that? Cabin pressure is equal to about 8,000 feet above sea level which explains everything, so I’m told) and waiting for the child in the seat behind to kick me in the 2nd lumbar vertebra for the twentieth time.

Bye-bye homeland, hello goo-goo brain

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How the SO WHAT? test transforms your elevator pitch

For some time now I have been preaching the benefits of my SO WHAT? test which, in its nose-thumbing rudeness, has helped me and many others to really raise the game of our promotional writing.How the SO WHAT? test transforms your elevator pitch

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Here, Canada – let me write you a sandwich

Letter from Canada August 21st

If you live in the UK, or have visited there recently and lodged with us proles in the suburbs and villages, you’ll know how fond we all are of pre-packed sandwiches. So why do I have to search high and low for one in Canada?HTWB sandwich

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