Business book review: Social Media made human for once

HTWB Cendrine book There are many books and eBooks around that tell you the “what” and “how” of social media, but that’s about it. It’s very refreshing, then, to read this new eBook by Cendrine Marrouat that doesn’t just express those notions, but also goes into the “who” and “why.”

My predominant reason for recommending this eBook is because it tells you why it’s no longer enough in business to want to make and sell something that people may or may not want. With social media being able to get under everyone’s skin whether we like it or not, brands and business messages have to mean it. Or else. [Read more…]

Content curation: how to make it work for you

HTWB Scoopit 2Content curation has become a very powerful tool in the inbound marketing mix – provided you know how to do it, and use it, properly. Here, Winnipeg-based professional writer and content curator Cendrine Marrouat shares her tips on how to make content curation work for you… [Read more…]