How to write better patient information – for nurses and other health professionals

Learning how to write better patient information should not be part of a nurse’s remit. Much patient information is generic and can be written centrally, so should not be a nurse’s concern. But when an individual hospital needs to share some of its own, specific information with patients, 9 times out of 10 it falls to the nurses in that department to write it out for patients to read.

HTWB nurse

When you’re writing for patients, try to do a bit of role play; put yourself in the patient or carer’s shoes for a few minutes.

Even though a lot of patient information can be covered by generic sources of leaflets and handouts, every hospital – in the UK, anyway – does things differently. That’s when and where bespoke patient information has to be written: to explain procedures, activities, processes and more.

Here is some help with how nursing professionals can meet this need. [Read more…]