10 top tips to make blog comments that increase your own traffic

When this post was originally published in 2011, we didn’t have quite so much trouble in those days with “internet trolls” – unlike today, when it seems one relatively innocent comment on a blog or social media post can trigger hundreds of comments varying from total agreement to threats to strangle your cat. What has caused this escalation of social media and blog “hate mail?”

writing good blog comments on HTWB

Great stuff – but don’t forget to comment on others’ blogs, too!

It’s hard to say, but there does seem to be a direct correlation between the vastly increased political sparring both in the UK and the USA during 2016, and the increasingly harsh antagonism we see in blog comments and Facebook threads – even about relatively bland and innocent issues,

So in addition to the original 10 tips below, what about the trolls?

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Called out for ranting on Forbes about Corporate-Speak…

When I got an email from Forbes saying I had been called out I thought I might have won a free seat at a webinar or perhaps a nice eBook. But it was a comment of mine that I had made on a wonderful article called  Why Is Business Writing So Awful? that rang their chimes. As you can imagine seeing that headline made my teeth start to grind and I went into full rant mode.

Got called out for ranting on Forbes about Corporate-Speak...

Thankfully, getting called out on Forbes doesn’t mean you have failed at hedge funds or baseball…

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