Tutorial: repurposing content…waste not, want not

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Repurposing your content: economically sensible recycling

Despite Google’s rightful insistence on “fresh, original content,” it’s a shame in some ways not to make the most economical use of your content over more than one medium. Repurposing content solves this problem.

With the value of “owned content” rising as the social media platforms tighten up their rules and monetize your use of them more … [Read more…]

Blogs and social media: how to write #blogversational comments on others’ posts

blogs,comments,blogging,social media,blogversationThe importance of how you write comments on other people’s blogs has shifted over the last two-and-a-half years since I wrote this earlier blog post. Here’s my idea of how those recommendations should be updated…

Why? Two key reasons.

One, more than ever before, a good old cyber chin-wag via comments on a blog post is worth a lot in terms of brownie points on Google.

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Blogging and social media: just listen to those wedding bells

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Blogs and social media getting together:
not just a one-night stand

Further to my article a couple of weeks ago where we looked at the convergence of conversations between blogging and social media, do you think this is going to be a quickie affair … or a long, happy marriage?

As mentioned in the previous article, increasingly we’re finding that conversations triggered by a blog post are taking place on the social media, not on your blog.

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

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The A-2-Z of business blog writing: O is for Opinions

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Opinions are like tomatoes

Opinions are like tomatoes: delicious and welcome when they’re ripe and plump, but utterly undesirable if they are rotten or don’t fit in with a particular menu.

So how should we incorporate opinions – our own, as well as others’ – into our blog posts? [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: M is for Moderating comments

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Even an aggressive comment
sometimes can help you make a point

Welcome to our first business blog writing post of 2014! And today we continue with this series…

What do you do if you get a comment on your blog that says you’re wrong? Calls you an idiot? Trashes your reasoning?

Dump it into the trash box, of course. But … wait a minute… [Read more…]

ABC Business Blog Writing Challenge: the winners – and why!


As you know we’ve had some amazing entries for this challenge where bloggers had to write a 26-sentence post, beginning with “A” and then each starting with the next letter of the alphabet through to “Z.” It began as a bit of fun, but we’ve had loads of entries and published the best of them from our shortlist… [Read more…]