Business writing stories from the coalface…women’s conferences

Business writing stories from the coalface...women's conferencesNot that many years ago I used to augment my writing with work as a conference (convention) producer. This was usually by default when I had already written the scripts but the actual producer failed to show up due to food poisoning / recreational drug use / a better offer, etc. [Read more…]

How to make business small talk

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Good business small talk is interesting and
helps to build solid business relationships

Although business small talk isn’t written down, it does involve the use of words which is why it’s here. And it’s not as simple a topic as you might imagine.

Small talk in social (and by that I don’t mean social media, but the earlier incarnation of the word) circumstances can be about anything from the weather to children and families to football to beer drinking. [Read more…]

Why experience can suck


20 years’ experience: or 1 year’s experience repeated 19 times?

Don’t get me wrong: I have lots of experience. About 30 years’ worth in my business. But what is it worth? Not much in itself. Yes, that’s right. Why? Because experience is only worth what experience does – not what it is.

We’ve all heard the jokes about someone who claims to have 20 years’ experience where in fact what they really have is one year’s experience repeated 19 times.

A bit cruel, perhaps. But experience often has a sell-by date. [Read more…]