Advertising vs info on social media – the trolls rage on

If you have a local business group on one of the main social media platforms, you know you’re going to get people advertising their businesses no matter how you try to stop them.

Advertising or content on social media on HTWB

I would have told this troll precisely where to shove his business video.

It doesn’t matter how explicit you are in your “rules” section; the only way to stop the ads is to kick the advertisers out, or at least delete their blatant advertising posts until they get the message.

But not always…

Explaining the difference between advertising and social media content

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Content writing: the best of the curated crop for November 2015

HTWB CW News logoOnce again here are some really useful articles on content writing from around the internet. Enjoy…

The 10-Minute, 10-Step Solution For The Best Blog Outline
By one of my favorite content writing commentators, Julie Neidlinger – on

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

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The best of Content Writing News 2014 – top curated articles

The best of Content Writing News 2014 - top curated articlesSubscribers to Content Writing News (formerly Blog Writing News) will know that I curate what I see as the most useful articles from around the web … helpful for anyone who wants to polish up their blogging and content writing. Here is my pick of the articles I think were the best of the crop during 2014. If you disagree, or want to add some, please share in the comments. [Read more…]

Why I hate content

Why I hate content

Some perfect “content” – for a garbage/rubbish truck

There: that gave you a shock, n’est ce pas. I really, really hate content with a vengeance.

Not because I hate “it.” It’s because I loathe the word, when it is used to represent the incredible talent, skill and value that “content” actually delivers to readers and viewers. [Read more…]

Is inbound/content marketing actually about making friends?

Is inbound/content marketing actually about making friends?

Making friends with customers and prospects: the real root driving force of inbound/content marketing?

Reading a discussion recently on LinkedIn about an article written by my good friend, the intrepid Jacky Sherman of the Referral Institute, I suddenly had a bit of a lightbulb moment.

In her article Jacky said, “I always ask people “what are the benefits of networking?” Someone will often say that one of the side effects is they have made great new friends. I’m not so sure this should be seen as a side effect.” [Read more…]

Content marketing strategy: we’re all just students, really

by Dan Smith

Content marketing strategy: we're all just students, really

Suze’s son Tom who is still a student doing a Masters in Marketing Management

If you read my feverish rant (the first paragraphs, anyway) in my recent article about companies that plough expensive resources into developing sophisticated content marketing strategies but use rather feeble and random efforts to find inhouse writing/blogging talent, you will know that I took the delightful Dan Smith to task about not going far enough in his companys efforts to find and train people properly to write blogs for his company. [Read more…]