The bad old days of The Corporate Brochure

Once upon a time there was a piece of print called The Corporate Brochure. Although companies spent thousands upon thousands on these things mainly they were used by intended readers to absorb spilled coffee and prop up wobbly table legs. As pieces of print to read, they made any of the Z drugs look like powerful stimulants.

The bad old days of The Corporate Brochure

The Corporate Brochure of the 20th century epitomized all that was wrong with the “we” culture in business, not unlike this share certificate…

The Corporate Brochure began life as the baby sibling of the 20th century “Annual Report And Accounts” which was an even more narcolepsy-inducing document written mainly by accountants and offered several hundred words of lies about the company’s success (they never, ever, had a bad year) penned by the CEO’s personal assistant and the Chairman’s/President’s PR guys. [Read more…]

How to cope with a corporate fist fight

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Fisty-cuffs in the corporate boxing ring?

Have you ever been to a meeting where people get so wound up they come to blows? You wouldn’t expect that in a civilized corporate environment, would you? But it happens.

I was reminded of that recently when three members of a group of distinguished professionals I was working with argued so violently that cappuccino was airmailed across the leather-topped boardroom table … [Read more…]

Bullying in business: how a freelance writer copes

medium_2512997167 (1)My earliest experience of a business bully was in my first ever job after leaving art school, having graduated from there after having completed a journalist apprenticeship. Although none of it was university stuff, by then I had been educated to within an inch of my life. Venturing into the business world as “advertising executive” for this company, I approached the Monday sales meetings with more than a little trepidation. [Read more…]