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What’s known as “a lot of bull.”

If you love being in or visiting the countryside, you’ll enjoy these jokes that share the funny side of all that’s rustic, green and leafy. Enjoy!

Many years ago an English farmer asked his young son to take their cow over to the bull at the farm on the other side of the village. As the little lad was leading the cow along, they met the Vicar (minister). [Read more…]

Remembrance Day: what should we really write about it?

Remembrance Day: what should we write about it?

The poppies of Flanders Fields,
where the terrible fighting in the trenches
took place during World War One

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

For some people, the whole concept of Remembrance Day seems a bit outdated. After all, it dates back to the Armistice that was signed back in 1919.

But what does it mean to us now, in 2013? [Read more…]