Professional CV-résumé writers: what jobseekers REALLY need to know

Hiring a professional CV writer?
Make sure yours genuinely IS a professional

We’re really pleased to welcome back our lovely Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential to share some useful warning words about professional CV writers, and how you – as a job seeker – make sure you choose a good one. [Read more…]

Job hunting? How to write a good covering letter or email

Recent letters accompanying CVs that I have received have made me cringe with embarrassment on behalf of the writer … usually a student looking for either a temporary or permanent placement in a marketing job.

The reason why is that so often the letters are totally “me” orientated … all about what “I” have done and how “I” want to achieve this or that, usually ending on a none-too polite request for them to be informed of any vacancies.

Why should I inform them of any vacancies? Not once in their covering letter do they say, or suggest, what might be in it for me as their prospective employer. [Read more…]