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As you may already know, several hundred lucky HTWB readers receive my curated pick of the crop of the best articles on content writing from around the web (plus some other, exclusive information) – every month.

How to write the best content - latest news from HTWBA week or two later the top 6 articles get shared on HTWB itself … and here’s what I curated from some 200-odd articles published on content marketing and social media websites in April, 2015… [Read more…]

In Guy Kawasaki’s I’m honored! (And why content curation is such good news, too…)

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Guy Kawasaki

If you’re into social media you’ll know that Guy Kawasaki is the social media guru to beat all gurus. So when I found out that my humble site (this one) was in his’s top 300-odd social media sites, I was gobsmacked. And thrilled. [Read more…]