Why Jim will never play golf again…

Some important, er, advice to be shared amongst retired, married men … as passed on by my old friend Laurence H. from an article he read recently in a local newspaper in Palm Springs, California.

Funny story about older men who take their wives for granted

Jim was found with a Calloway extra long 50-inch Big Bertha Driver II golf club jammed up his posterior…

It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger.
When you notice this, try not to yell at them.
Some are oversensitive, and there’s nothing worse than an oversensitive woman.
My name is Jim.
Let me relate how I handled the situation with my wife, Christine.
When I retired a few years ago, it became necessary for Christine to get a full-time job along with her part-time job, both for extra income and for the health benefits that we needed. [Read more…]

A trip down Darwin Awards Memory Lane…

We don’t often hear about the Darwin Awards any more but here are some stark reminders of how tragically, and hilariously, they remind us of human idiocy…enjoy.

According to police in Windsor, Ontario, Daniel Kolta, 27, and Randy Taylor, 33, died in a head-on collision, thus earning a tie in the game of chicken they were playing with their Snowmobiles.

Funny Darwin Award jokes on HTWB

If you MUST bungee jump, be careful to avoid leaving one of your feet behind…

In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys.

A 49-year-old San Francisco stockbroker, who “totally zoned when he ran,” accidentally jogged off a 100-foot-high cliff on his daily run. [Read more…]

More Darwin Awards: dontchya just love ’em?

The Darwins are out … well, so they tell me, but these are funny however unauthentic they might be…enjoy! (Original author/authors unknown.)

Yes, it’s that magical time of year when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us.

More Darwin Awards: dontchya just love 'em?

“A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline, but he plugged his siphon hose into the motor home’s sewage tank by mistake.”

The glorious winner of this year’s Darwin Awards:

[Read more…]

Remember the Darwin Awards? Here are the latest winners

Many thanks to my good friend Laurence H. from London, England, who keeps me informed about each year’s Darwin Awards. Please be warned, the following is not suitable for readers of a nervous or clean-living disposition but if you have a good sense of the ridiculous you will probably cope. And laugh.

Remember the Darwin Awards? Here are the latest winners

Yes, it’s that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honouring the least evolved among us. [Read more…]