Writing From The Heart – goodbye, my young friend

If you’ve lost a close friend or family member to cancer, this poem of mine may resonate with you. I wrote it about our beautiful 37-year-old cancer group member who passed away in 2017, leaving behind an 8-year-old daughter.

My language is rude as usual, but this time I don’t apologise other than asterisking out the rudest words. I was angry, as we all are at such a cruel curtailment of a young life.

Writing From The Heart: goodbye, my young friend

RIP Deb, whose favourite colour was blue.


Who knows when your number’s up.
Three score years and ten, and then? [Read more…]

To honour a dead rock star: do you agree?

Over the last few days we’ve been inundated with news and views about the loss of David Bowie, and not long before that, the passing of Lemmy from Motorhead. Here is a short tribute to them both, with a bit of a wakeup call…

To honour a dead rock star: do you agree?

Behind all that, the human being.

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Nelson Mandela RIP: a sad goodbye to the power of his peaceful words

small__2616534609Today we have had to say goodbye to one of the world’s greatest statesmen, and someone who – despite lengthy imprisonment – believed that talking and using words were what would lead to solutions of national and international problems. [Read more…]

Remembrance Day: what should we really write about it?

Remembrance Day: what should we write about it?

The poppies of Flanders Fields,
where the terrible fighting in the trenches
took place during World War One

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

For some people, the whole concept of Remembrance Day seems a bit outdated. After all, it dates back to the Armistice that was signed back in 1919.

But what does it mean to us now, in 2013? [Read more…]

What the noble Kenyans have taught us about diversity

HTWB NairobiOf course there are disgusting attacks on human beings in many countries around the world. Only on Sunday there were at least 75 innocent people killed in a twin-suicide bombing in Pakistan on a Christian Church.

On Saturday Somalian Islamic extremists killed what may turn out to be an even greater number (at this time of writing over 60 innocent victims) – along with approaching 200 injured – also in the name of their religion. [Read more…]

Why I’m not around today and what we can learn from it

HTWB death TomToday (September 20th) we are celebrating Grandpa’s life and putting him to rest. He (my father-in-law) passed away earlier this month, peacefully, aged 97. He had a wonderful life.

When you look at people like him it makes you think how so many of us just haven’t lived our lives to the max. [Read more…]