Business cards: 8 ways to make sure yours gets ignored – update

Updated January 14th, 2020. The fashions in business card text and design don’t change as often as they do for clothing, thank Heavens – can you imagine creatively ripped or floral patterned cards with words like “please engage with us at…” or “reach out to us here…”

8 mistakes in writing business cards

What does your business card say about you?

Because business cards are such important door-openers in business – especially when you’re networking – it’s worth re-examining them and what to write on them today, some four years since the original article was published. Updates are in italics… [Read more…]

How to create a roller banner that works hard for your business

How to create a rolller banner that works hard for your business

One of Steve’s own roller banners showing a workable number of words, one point of contact and a very simple call-to-action – all key points that make it powerful

Once again we welcome Milton Keynes based performance poet Steve Crawford, who recently wrote for us in verse about business jargon. When he is not composing poetry Steve works as a very talented point-of-sale creator and design genius!

One of the most popular tools in Steve’s box is the roller banner (or roll-up banner) very widely used by businesses at live events, exhibitions, conferences, training sessions and much more. In this article, Steve shares his experience and tips on how to create the right impression with – and write the right words on – on these devices so they pay for themselves in value, time after time.

A roller banner can be a valuable resource for any business looking to stand out or get noticed. However often business owners want to get as much information as possible onto a banner, and this can be counter-productive. [Read more…]