Business video: 20 flexible question prompts to make you a star

Recently I’ve been working with some colleagues putting together training on how to create, write and produce good quality online business video, even if all you do is shoot it on your phone. I came up with some adaptable question prompts for clients to use – either to prompt themselves if they’re speaking to camera, or for an off-camera interviewer to ask them so they’re reminded of what they need to say.

HTWB video smartphone

Even if you use your smartphone to shoot your business video, you can still come over as a capable professional. These question prompts will help your words stay on track.

These lists are developed from the corporate video interviewing I have been doing for a long time now, so I know that they work! They also work if you’re using email to get testimonials or “live” quotes from people to use in text-based communications like email, website text, LinkedIn profiles and endorsements, etc. Here are just three adaptations of the core questions, and you can use these basic ideas to adapt for other related uses, too. Please note that you don’t want to use them all, as some are variations of the same question!

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How to survive a media interview – down the line, radio

Hopefully you have – or will – read the earlier articles in this series, i.e. why to do media interviews in the first place, how to familiarize yourself with the genre, and how to handle yourself in a live studio interview.

How to survive a media interview - down the line, etc

If you’re interviewed “down the line” you do not have to get dressed up, avoid wearing jangly bracelets or watches, or worry about looking over at the presenter who is asking you questions.

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