20 More Business Terms Explained For Non-Native English Speakers, PART 3

Welcome to Part Three of this series on common metaphorical and other business terms in English, and what they mean – in plain English!

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Business terms explained on How To Write Better

Helping you write better for business in English with these 20 terms:

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20 Business Terms Explained for Non-Native English Speakers, PART 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this series on business terms explained for non-native English speakers, and here is another collection of 20 common words and phrases you’re likely to see in business and business studies.

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HTWB E2L June 1-16 Here’s your 2nd set of 20 business terms to help you write better in English

Benchmark: comes from the engineering industry. It means a definite, reliable point from which to measure the growth or progress of a project or activity. [Read more…]