Writing a nonfiction book this summer? Get it right with these 10 Quick Tips

Summer is the season when many people get inspired to write that self-help or business book they’ve been thinking about for months. And given that you may well get some down time during July and August, this could be just the inspiration you need to get your book out there…

10 Quick Tips to help you write that nonfiction book

Help to write your nonfiction book from Suzan St Maur on How To Write Better

Is this summer your time to get that nonfiction book planned and written? Here are 10 Quick Tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Here are my key tips, based on the hard-earned experience (and mistakes) I’ve fumbled through over creating 31 nonfiction published books (so far!) [Read more…]

How to pace your business writing – 10 Quick Tips

We writers love to shoot the breeze about how to pace online business writing, but the key point to remember is to make text as easy and pleasant as possible to read. Sentences need to vary in length, paragraphs need to be short, and there are various other techniques you can use to enhance the reader experience.HTWB 10 tips logo

Here are 10 Quick Tips based on my own experience

[Read more…]

Editing your online writing – 10 Quick Tips

Editing your online writing - 10 Quick TipsYou know how it feels … you’re looking through your article or blog post and you see things you want to change, so you add in a few words here, take out a few words there, and press “save” assuming the result will be what you intended. Then you hit “publish,” “send” or whatever other point-of-no-return you’re using. [Read more…]

Don’t let that screaming screen skew your writing

Don't let that screaming screen bug your writing

Writing and editing on a screen needs some careful thought

Even if you grew up with writing on a computer screen rather than on old-fashioned paper, there are still some issues you need to bear in mind about writing on screen that can skew your writing bigtime … if you let it.

Here are some tips based on my own experience of working on screens for the last 20 years or so, after a paper-based upbringing. [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: V is for Verbosity

Verbosity,business blogging,posts,editing,articles,business blogs,business writing,writing tips

Is verbosity a problem in
your business blog writing?

I’m the last writer in the world to object to words, verbosity-laden or not. But even I have to admit that too many words suck. How can you write what you want to express in your business blog posts without overdoing the verbiage? Here are some thoughts. [Read more…]

Writing a novel? For NaNoWriMo? Here’s how to bring yours alive – just in time!

How To Write Fiction Without The FussRemember how much we enjoyed Lucy McCarraher’s amazing series of tutorials called “How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss,” here on HTWB earlier this year?

Here’s some even better news… [Read more…]