Are your emails read – or dead?

Did you know that the average white collar worker gets around 100 emails per day? That’s not to mention a sole trader running a knowledge-based business like mine, who gets around 200 a day? An SME entrepreneur who probably gets 200-300 or more?

Email correspondence grows exponentially every year making it harder to get yours opened & acted on. Here are the latest tips…

And did you know that 79 percent of emails don’t even get opened? Now do you see how critical it is to make your emails as open-friendly as possible?

Here’s the latest on how to stand the best chance of getting your mails opened and acted upon… [Read more…]

Is it wrong to say “write to me?” The terrible telephone

You’re right in the middle of doing something that needs your full attention. You’re concentrating hard, just about getting to grips with it. You can see the A-HA moment ahead of you. The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to wink at you. You reach out and almost touch it. Nearly there…

Then the phone rings. You answer.

why phone calls are disruptive

Miraculously the whizz-bang device of the 19th century, called the “telephone,” is still here with little other than the back-office technology having changed much.

“Hi Suze, it’s XXXXX. I was just having a read through of your YYYYY book and I’m not sure what you meant by your sentence about blog abstracts on page 178. Can you tell me more about it?”


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Why you should KISS your emails if you want results

Have you ever noticed that the second point on a business email you send sometimes gets ignored? The person answers you about the first topic, but you have to remind them that there was another important issue to discuss a few lines further down?

Why you should KISS your emails if you want results

Stick to one topic only per email. If you have more than one issue to discuss, send more than one email.

This is a problem that’s increasing in our ever-busier working lives. It’s not because our colleagues, clients and customers are stupid. Here are some thoughts on how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. [Read more…]

How to write emails that work – 10 Quick Tips

Here on HTWB we have looked at email a few times in the last four years, but its criteria have evolved since its early days and it makes sense to keep up with the way that has been happening.

How to write emails that work - 10 Quick TipsIf for no other reason, we need to do this because the volume of emails we write for work or even for our social and other activities has doubled or even tripled.

Consequently if we want to get results from the emails we write and send now, they have to be even more targeted and focused than they were a mere couple of years ago, or they are likely to get lost in the junk file or accidentally deleted. [Read more…]

Thank you for my life-transforming emails

Thank you for my life-transforming emails

Thank you for my life-transforming emails

A special thank you, and particularly to whoever shared initially this sad list of conclusions arising from the unbelievably stupid emails we receive throughout the year…

At this time of year, I want to thank all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me your chain letters over the past 12 months. [Read more…]

The comma – don’t abuse its poor powers of arrest

commas,semi-colons,colons,blogging,business writing,English,marketing,business success,writing,copywriting,articles,PR,advertising,emailsDo you abuse the poor, unsuspecting, low-powered comma in your writing? Are you using it in the hope of stopping readers to focus on your next major notion, rather than as a means of separating much less critical thoughts? [Read more…]