Rolling the RRRs of English business jargon and slang…

Do you rock when you rise and shine, or does someone have to reach out and railroad you? More of our ridiculous language’s jargon and slang, for business and beyond.

Jargon and slang used for business in English

Do you Rock when you Rock a fashionable outfit?

Railroad: to force, or at least to press, a project or process through to rapid completion, often without proper concern for people and places that might be adversely affected by it. The term is thought to originate from the days in the 19th century when railroads (railways) were being built at speed in many countries.

Raincheck: a postponement due to unforeseen circumstances. This word – sometimes shown as two words – comes from the USA and was used when a baseball game had to be called off due to bad weather… [Read more…]

Can you write in Canadinglish?

Letter from Canada August 17th

Could you write in Canadinglish?Gradually I’m getting my vocabulary sorted out here in Canada so I don’t make people’s eyebrows leap into the sky when I talk about boilers, cocks, dummies, fags and other innocuous Britishisms that have somewhat different connotations in Maple Leafydom.

Now it’s your turn… [Read more…]

How long is your language?

How long is your language? Help for translations on HowToWriteBetter.netIf you ever have to write website or other text in English that is to be translated into other languages – then either fitted into a text grid, or if it’s a video narration, recorded to picture, you’ll know just what a terrible nightmare it can be. [Read more…]

More top misspelled English words

HTWB spelling 2Some time ago I shared an A-to-Z list of commonly misspelled English words. Here are some more … and I even managed to find some more starting with the awkward letters, especially X.

How many might you get wrong? [Read more…]

How to speak Euro-English

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Manneken Piss is a small statue in the Euro center of Brussels, Belgium. I’m not sure I want to share his chocolate doppelgängers. How about you?

This Euro-speak story has been around for a while, but strangely doesn’t go away … so maybe we should prepare ourselves for it becoming a reality one day? *cringes*

With many thanks for bringing this to my attention to Howard Winn, in my Facebook group The Joke Street Journal. (Dooo join us on there if you enjoy some laughs…) [Read more…]

The challenges of business writing in a multilingual culture

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There are 78 different living languages in Côte d’Ivoire alone

It’s hard enough to write successfully for business in a single-language country. But now try to do that in a country where there are 11 official languages … I asked South African content writer Jade Mitchell to tell us how she copes, and to share her advice for the rest of us when we need to do similar projects. Sz [Read more…]