The real meanings of current Euro-speak

Earlier this week the BBC published a list of terminology currently being bandied around by everyone rushing to shove their opinions on Britain’s membership of the European Union down people’s throats in time for the vote on June 23rd.

How to write better Euro speak

Eurosceptic: How you’re described if you’re not sure that the EU is a good idea but are quite happy to gorge yourself on the huge salary and ample perks anyway.

I thought you might find it helpful if I added my own translations to a few of the key terms, so you know what the average UK citizen really thinks of them. Enjoy.

(And thanks for being good sports, BBC.)

Acquis communautaire: Communal access to the secret spas and swimming pools set up for Eurocrats in Brussels and Strasbourg. NB: no-one is keen on using the Brussels facility right now as it is located near Molenbeek, where the plumbing has been described as “leaky.” [Read more…]

Publish eBooks on Kindle? Here’s how Amazon helps for fiddly new EU VAT rules

Publish eBooks on Kindle? Here’s how Amazon helps for fiddly new EU VAT rules

If you publish any of your material on Amazon Kindle and sell it within Europe, from Jan 1st 2015 you could be facing a hugely complex VAT issue.

If you publish eBooks and other digital documents on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you might well be tearing your hair out wondering how to cope with these new rules (in force from Jan 1st, 2015) that the EU has brought in about your having to charge one of umpty-dump different VAT (Value Added Tax) rates beyond your own price, depending on which country the purchaser is based in. [Read more…]