Experience in writing: don’t let it bite you in the bum

Remember the old joke about the copywriter who had 20 years’ experience – or was it one year’s experience repeated 19 times? Those of you who have heard me speak know that I often make jokes about having been a pro writer since around the Ming Dynasty, and have written for every possible medium apart from tablets of stone.

Experience in writing: don't let it bite you in the bum

And that’s only because I break my nails when I use a hammer and chisel.

But the wrong use of experience in writing is not at all funny. [Read more…]

Why experience can suck


20 years’ experience: or 1 year’s experience repeated 19 times?

Don’t get me wrong: I have lots of experience. About 30 years’ worth in my business. But what is it worth? Not much in itself. Yes, that’s right. Why? Because experience is only worth what experience does – not what it is.

We’ve all heard the jokes about someone who claims to have 20 years’ experience where in fact what they really have is one year’s experience repeated 19 times.

A bit cruel, perhaps. But experience often has a sell-by date. [Read more…]

Business writing experience: worth a bit, or pile of sh*t?

small__4612873059People snigger, with justification, when you mention “experience” – largely because experience comes in two forms: e.g. 20 years’ real  experience? Or is it really 1 year’s experience repeated 19 times?”

This applies to blogging and writing for business every bit as much as it does to any other profession. For the purposes of this article/post (Artipost? Posticle?), other professions can deal with this as they want.

But how exactly does it affect writing for business blogs and other online content? [Read more…]