How to write a bloody awful FAQ page

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Is your FAQ page as awful as it should be?

FAQ pages are another great way to promote your business, right? Never mind what customers and prospects really would ask. This is simply a page where you can put up “questions” that you would like  your customers to ask, so feeding you the lines you need to bring out important sales points. [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: Q is for Questions and Answers


If you’re not confident that you know
what sort of questions your customers
may ask, go and ask them.

Questions and answers are often a good way to get information across in a way that suggests input from outsiders, to which you supply answers that cordially address their particular problems and inveigle them, and others, into your way of thinking and so into your potential client base.

No-one in business is naïve enough to think that the average written Q&A session is made up solely of genuine questioners asking genuine questions… [Read more…]