Business writing stories from the coalface … boring old benefits

You know how I always harp on, saying why you must always write about benefits, not features, in your marketing and other business writing?

Driving on English motorways is painful, says Suzan St Maur on How To Write Better

An English motorway (multi-lane highway) is probably more painful for a driver than a root-canal procedure without anaesthesia.

In fairness to boring old “moi,” any business/marketing writer or copywriter should tell you the same thing. If they don’t, they’re on their way to successful careers as street sweepers.

But every now and then there comes some sort of exception that sort-of proves the rule. Here’s the story…

Once upon a time…

I was asked to write the scripts for a series of videos, for a large chain of real estate agencies. These agencies offered many attractive features that their competitors couldn’t match.

Having established that I needed to spend some time brainstorming with staff at their Head Office, I realised that it was in a city in northern England about a 3 hour drive from where I live. [Read more…]