What do we want to write better in 2019?

I don’t mean this in a commercial way, but rather as in what from your heart do you really want to share with others in this coming year when we’re focused more than ever on deeply personal issues like mental health, mindfulness, happiness, positivity in the light of political, social and ecological darkness?

Do we want to write more about politics?

I don’t, for sure. I don’t dare.

What will we write about in 2019

What can we write about in 2019 that will help address our current issues?

Looking out through my electronic window a.k.a. my desktop screen, all I can see is a childish, petulant bully in the USA … a frightening face-off in our neighbouring France … courteous, amiable and utterly confused political squabling in the UK’s parliament … terrifying geological realities in Indonesia … all symptoms that remind us that we’re simply festering little pimples on the backside of a churning world. [Read more…]

Happy New Year – here are your grammar resolutions for 2016

Much as the average 12-year-old web wizard couldn’t give a tupenny f*** about grammar and punctuation, those of us who are marginally older and more prone to verbal dignity need to make sure we don’t upset the Grammar Nazis who lurk amongst our client/customer and prospect bases. And Heaven forbid, you don’t want to start off the New Year making grammar boo-boos, do you?

HTWB New Year 2016So here are the grammar resolutions you need to take seriously in 2016. [Read more…]

Happy New Year


Warmest wishes for health, happiness and prosperity for all our readers – have a great year and we’re looking forward to helping you further throughout 2014.

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