Horse racing humour – jokes from the final furlong

Whether you enjoy the occasional flutter on the UK’s Grand National … or are a committed “form” expert punting away every week (…or just someone who enjoys a good laugh!) … this week’s #SundaySmile shares funny stories from the horse racing world…

Jokes about horse racing

The Shetland Pony Grand National … madness in miniature!

Who’s racing whom?
An elderly gentleman finally achieved his lifelong ambition and bought a race horse. But it didn’t seem to have much energy, so the old man got the vet in to look at him.
“This horse is very old,” said the vet.
“But will I be able to race him?” asked the old man.
“I expect so,” replied the vet. “And you’ll probably win.”

Bigger than…
A Texan racehorse trainer was visiting Newmarket, and got chatting with an English trainer in a pub.  [Read more…]

Why I’ll never be invited on this national radio program again

Suzan St Maur, Jeremy Vine Show, John McCririck, writing

The one and only John McCririck, British eccentric and recently dumped TV horse racing expert. Sad shame.

Once upon a time, there emerged an utterly lunatic and highly entertaining horse racing expert and TV personality in the UK, called John McCririck.

He looks like an ageing hippy on corticosteroids and is about as politically correct as Genghis Khan on a good day. [Read more…]