How to make a great best man’s wedding speech

Moving on from my earlier articles on wedding speeches – a general overview, plus some tips for the father of the bride (or whoever performs this role) – let’s now take a look at some ideas and guidance for the best man’s speech.

What are the best man’s “must haves?”

HTWB best man 01

Whether, as best man, you make your speech funny or not depends on you – your personality, and your own style.

He thanks the bridegroom for his speech and – on behalf of the bridal attendants – for his toast. He talks about the groom, and his relationship with him. He then reads out any telemessages and cards that have accumulated, and ends by proposing a toast to the bride and groom.

The following is how your best man’s speech can work out – and it would also make a sensible running order for you to use.

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