How to tell funny jokes in a speech – tutorial

In honor of this year’s wedding season I have been sharing some ideas for wedding speeches here on HTWB, and part of many wedding speeches – especially that of the best man – depends on the use of funny jokes and general humor.

How to tell funny jokes in a speech - tutorial

Women CAN tell funny jokes without being unfeminine or inelegant.

But humor isn’t just for wedding speeches: used correctly it is a superb tool even in the most formal and serious of speeches, because it breaks the ice and allows the audience to relax into your material.

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How to deliver a great speech

How to deliver a great speech

If you’re standing at a lectern, put your notes down on it and set your hands in a relaxed way on either side of the top part.

With the wedding and other celebration seasons coming up – as well as kick-off season for many businesses whose financial year starts soon – it’s time to polish up our techniques ready to get up and deliver a great speech, whatever the occasion. Here are some further tips to add to the HTWB collection of speechwriting and presenting articles.

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