If you MUST write advertorial, at least do it well. Here’s how…

When you see a piece of advertorial in a newspaper or magazine, do you immediately retch and think, “BORING!!!?” I do. Why?

In my school and college vacations I would work in the editorial office of my Dad’s newspaper here in the UK. And the truly terrible advertorials that customers wanted us to run made my eyes water more ferociously than the Niagara River thunders over Horseshoe Falls.

Advertorial: how to make it work

No prizes for guessing why even today’s advertorial looks like “fake news…” read on, and get yours right

Fortunately my Dad didn’t like advertorials either and usually told customers to place a conventional ad and he would get one of the editorial staff (i.e. me, mainly) to do a “write up.” Although in so doing I wasn’t able to be truly honest about filthy, stinking fish and chip shops or awful pub food, at least the “write ups” were fairly lively and didn’t read like they had been written by the business’s accountant after a few liters of beer.

(The experience also taught me how to be very, very creative in the use of adjectives and adverbs that sounded nice but, er, weren’t. Story for another day…)

5 home truths about advertorials to help you write good ones that get read

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