What can you blog about? Seasonal topics

small_2493066577In this article we look at business blog ideas based on seasonal topics and how to use them in a more interesting way.

Some seasonal aspects are obvious – Holiday Season gifts … winter checks for your car … time to submit your tax return … etc. But there are more subtle uses for the seasons when it comes to choices for business blog ideas. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas from HWTB

On behalf of us all contributors here on HowToWriteBetter.net, let us wish you all the joy, health and happiness of this festive season whatever your faith. Merry Christmas from HTWBAs the delightful and sadly late Irish comedian, Dave Allen, used to say, “may your God go with you.”

With our love and respect.

And let me share my favorite Christmas song – performed by Pentatonix – with you here…

From Suze to you…

Have a good one!

Some, er, music and poetry writing for a change

Recently someone pointed out that despite our having a category on HTWB for music and poetry, posts on these topics have been thin on the ground recently. Grovelling apologies.

Some, er, music and poetry writing for a change

This is dedicated to the victims of the UK’s Cumbria floods and I hope it might give you a small smile, despite the terrible experience you have had just before Christmas. xx

To make up for it I thought – given the time of year – I should re-write the lyrics to a few favorite Christmas songs which I think count as (basic) poetry and can be sung to these popular tunes. Having got started on these three I was longing to keep going, and I have to say I love writing funny poetry, but I stopped at this selection…  [Read more…]

Words of revenge aren’t just sweet – they’re savory

Let’s face it … there are times when a truly subtle way of getting revenge on someone who has wronged us really hits the spot. Here’s one way that certainly hit the spot for this person.

Words of revenge aren't just sweet - they're savory

Nothing like a few half-eaten shrimp/prawn shells to leave a, er, lasting impression.

Watch out, anyone who experiences a bitter breakup and a simultaneous house move… [Read more…]

Jokes in writing pot pourri 1

Given the sadness and tension we’re living with in the northern hemisphere right now, here are a few funny jokes in writing … to cheer us up.

What is that noise? A hello-copper, answered the whispering voice.

The boss of a big company who needed to call one of his employees about an urgent problem with one of the main computer systems, dialled the employee’s home phone number and was greeted by a child’s whisper…
“Is your daddy home?” he asked.
“Yes,” whispered the small voice.
“May I  talk with him please?”
The child whispered, “No.” [Read more…]

2 million page views in under 5 years … please help us celebrate!

HowToWriteBetter.net has hit the 2 million page view landmark, over the night of November 18-19, 2015.

2 million page views in under 5 years ... please help us celebrate!That’s not a big deal if you’re Alltop.com or the Huffington Post, but for a niche site like this it’s an achievement! [Read more…]