Introducing your Canadian correspondent…

…i.e. ME! Today (July 30th) I disappear into the clouds for a few hours whilst making my way home to Ontario. But if you thought I would shut up and leave you in peace until early September when I return to the UK, uh, uh. Wrong.Introducing your Canadian correspondent...

Armed with my trusty laptop I will be keeping in touch with everyone and everything, and although I’m supposed to be relaxing and unwinding and all that stuff, you know what I’m like … I’ll be back in here posting and (I hope) sharing useful information about writing as I find it in North America. [Read more…]

How To Write Better wins Highly Commended in UK Blog Awards 2015

How To Write Better has won a Highly Commended award in the individual section of the PR, Media, Marketing and Comms section in this prestigious UK Blog Awards 2015.

HTWB Blog Awards logoI really can’t thank you all enough for voting for the site late last year – it seems the judges agreed with you! [Read more…]

Greetings on Easter Day and Easter Monday

Greetings on Easter Day and Easter Monday
Hope you are having a peaceful and pleasant Easter

Suze and the crew from HTWB

Have a great Easter Weekend

Have a great Easter Weekend

With all good wishes for a lovely long Easter weekend

from Suze and the crew at HTWB


How men and women, er, define things differently

Despite the blurring of boundaries between and among genders in recent years, it’s still interesting to note how men and women can differ in the way they view and define things.

How men and women, er, define things differentlyFor example…

Thingy (thing-ee) n.

Female…… Any part under a car’s hood.
Male….. The strap fastener on a woman’s bra. [Read more…]

Do you find this site helpful? If so, please vote for it

HTWB LOGOAs I mentioned a while  back, I’m thrilled to say that has been nominated as a resource in the Small Business Book Awards for 2014.

But HTWB isn’t a book?

I know. [Read more…]