How to write a really nasty obituary (but it sells newspapers)

My Left Boob by Sally Farmiloe-NevilleA few days ago, a friend from many years ago died of triple negative metatastic breast cancer, aged 60.

She was an actress; a reasonably good one. Not the best, but workmanlike. She was very pretty, lively, a great socializer and socially very well connected due to a “posh” family background.

She was extremely intelligent and used this to organize events, parties and other functions to raise money for, among other organizations, numerous charities and good causes. [Read more…]

Hello, India: do you REALLY like what we write?

Could this be good news for us English language native speakers to expand beyond our horizons?

According to this article on the BBC News website, India is on course to become the world’s most lucrative market for English booksThird only to the USA and Britain, it’s set to become the biggest in the world as India’s middle class continues to expand rapidly over the next 10 years.

But why English?

I have never been to India – and that’s something that, providing my health holds out, I fully intend to rectify as it’s a country and cultures I admire hugely. It humbles me when I think that the Indian culture has been civilized for hundreds if not thousands of years before my own, and I would be glad of the opportunity to immerse myself in it for a while, if only as a tourist. [Read more…]