The jinxed brand name – and why it has to go

Have you ever wondered why some brand names always remind you of something negative, no matter how much positive promotion is thrown at them?

How to write better brand names

A brand name associated with failure or other negativity is a very hard gig to recover from

Solving the problem is never easy, and like a gangrenous lower limb, the only effective cure usually is amputation.

This is not the first time I write about brand names and it’s only now that I’m doing some work connected with Apprenticeships here in the UK, that the issue of the jinxed ones arises. More of those later. Meantime, on with a couple of other jinxed brand name stories…

The Rover brand name and its downfall

There was a story circulating in advertising circles back in the naughty nineties about the ill-fated British car manufacturer, Rover. [Read more…]