Grand National special: writing into (and out of) the Jeremy Vine Show…

I will never be asked on to the BBC (UK) radio programme, “The Jeremy Vine Show,” again.

Grand National article on How To Write Better 2019

My kind of Grand National … where the fences are a little smaller. And so are the “horses…”

Note to non-Brits: Jeremy Vine is a perfectly nice guy who does a great radio show here in the UK. He is also one of the patrons of a local charity I support here in my home town of Milton Keynes, England, called Ride High. So he’s an extra-nice guy.

Once upon a time Jeremy’s researchers thought they’d found the perfect cannon fodder: me

This was because I had written an article on the Grand National Horse race (the 2019 version of which takes place today near Liverpool, England) about the high number of equine casualties arising during the race where horses were maimed and sometimes killed. In 2011, in particular, there was really high casualty rate and coming up to the 2012 race, I let rip. (See below for the actual article I wrote.)

Ring… ring…how to terrify an interviewee so creating some real radio entertainment!!!

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Why I’ll never be invited on this national radio program again

Suzan St Maur, Jeremy Vine Show, John McCririck, writing

The one and only John McCririck, British eccentric and recently dumped TV horse racing expert. Sad shame.

Once upon a time, there emerged an utterly lunatic and highly entertaining horse racing expert and TV personality in the UK, called John McCririck.

He looks like an ageing hippy on corticosteroids and is about as politically correct as Genghis Khan on a good day. [Read more…]