How journaling for business can write you a book

Updated January 9th, 2020. Someone I was chatting to recently came up with an interesting question: “I want to write a book about my experience of launching a new business, but I don’t have enough information to share yet. What should I do?”

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Journaling is about writing down all aspects of your life: from the emotional through to the practical.

Journal, I thought. But surely not the type of journaling common to positive psychology, mindfulness techniques etc.? [Read more…]

Blogging vs professional reporting: journaling vs journalism?

A while back I put up a post on Facebook suggesting that maybe blogging and journalism are approaching something of a head-to-head online, considering the way that all our news and features media seem to be merging. The reactions I got were quite stark.

One US TV journalist said the key differences between the two are the fact that journalists have deadlines and editors to contend with – major issues bloggers don’t share, and that’s true, for sure. Someone else sent me a private message saying the two disciplines had nothing whatsoever to do with each other and I should be ashamed of myself for even suggesting there may be a conflict here.

When you strip the whole blogging story down to its underwear, you can see where the journos are coming from in their somewhat dismissive attitude towards bloggers. Blogging started out as an online platform for “journaling,” which is light years away from journalism.

Journaling: not the same as keeping a diary, but not reporting either

I won’t refer you to any onward links here although there are several on Google, but essentially the difference between keeping a diary and journaling is this: a diary is purely a record of your events – a journal is a record of your events along with your comments and views about those events.

This is where blogging started and as we all know it has evolved dramatically, which is where the dividing line between it and journalism begins to dissolve slightly. Many blogs today – deliberately or accidentally – cross over the invisible line into what perhaps we should call “alternative online journalism.” But should bloggers begin to think of themselves as journalists? Hmmm…

How do the journalists feel?

When you ask a journalist how they regard bloggers their answers have a tendency to be negative. However you can’t be surprised to find that traditional, professional journalism appears to be threatened not just by bloggers, but by the entire freedom of the internet which gallops over many disciplines like young horses having just broken out of a field.

Obviously when you consider news reporting, there’s no contest. But it’s in the area of features and particularly journalistic opinion pieces where the potential conflict may lie. Journalists have spent years studying and serving apprenticeships so they can report and comment in a professional way about the topics they cover. But in recent years, along comes the internet and opens up a huge new forum in which anybody can report on events and express opinions … unfettered by editorial policy, deadlines, or – let’s face it – ethical considerations.

A number of journalistic organisations like this one are uneasy about this and you can’t blame them.

Could journaling and journalism share a future?

This is something that worries me, and I’m sure worries many journalists. Although I have spent many years writing in the utterly commercial sector I was trained originally as a journalist (served my apprenticeship on a UK local newspaper.) And when I write posts like this, I try as far as I can to be fair and represent – or at least point out – all points of view.

But this is blogging. Where could it lead us? Should it attempt to swamp good old-fashioned traditional journalism? Or should we all work towards maintaining a respectful division between the two?

You might like to take a look at “A Blogger’s Code of Ethics” from (a very useful and up-to-date resource dealing with just these issues.) It attempts to a) suggest how bloggers should approach their responsibility to their readers and b) differentiate themselves from professional journalists .

I’m very interested to know how you feel about this one, so please, share your views!

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