Déjà vu jokes … plus a few more, 2019

Updated and republished July 13th, 2019: Déjà Vu for You Too? Some updated smiles for you …

Thanks to Nigel Jamie Bangs who originally shared this gag on my Facebook group, The Joke Street Journal (please join if you want some good laughs.) The original thought was this: Deja poo jokesAnd that got me thinking. So I started writing…..and writing…..and writing……and I came up with the following. Now in July 2019 I have come up with a few more. But … let’s get you thinking of even more!

Déjà Boo:  Boring people with ghost stories when it isn’t Halloween

Déjà Blue: Long-standing UK Conservative / US Democrat voter [Read more…]

Daily Fail howlers – update!!

This is not the first time we have howled with laughter at this popular British newspaper’s screaming bloopers, here on HTWB. And the trend continues. Enjoy …

Daily Mail howlers update on How To Write Better

Perhaps Amanda Holden would have been more comfortable with one of these.

Talented horsewoman killed herself hours after her beloved mare was put to sleep – and was found clutching a lock of his mane
Much as I am saddened by this story – mares are girl horses, for Heaven’s sake.

Ooh I say! Amanda Holden has been making sure she avoids wardrobe faux pas with the use of nipple covers while presenting on This Morning
You’d think they’d have given her something a bit more substantial to keep her warm. [Read more…]

20 top tips on how to write proper

write,proper,funny jokesMany thanks to my good friend Susie C. for inspiring these excellent top tips on how to write proper, so we writers don’t do the job badder than we normally do:

1. Always Avoid Annoying Alliteration.

2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with. [Read more…]

How to write a really bad joke

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Lady Cressida Hardly-Worthit

Recently a challenge came up, to make what was already a pretty weak joke so bad it would bring tears to your eyes. I thought you might enjoy my entry…

British aristocrat Lady Cressida Hardly-Worthit, 65, had a very embarrassing problem. The innards of her abdomen were twitchy to put it mildly and she made the f*rts of a dray horse seem like the puffs of a butterfly’s wings. [Read more…]

How not to write picture captions, by a leading UK newspaper … episode 4

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Hilarious picture caption goofs
from a popular UK newspaper

And yet again without mentioning names (other than nicknames like The Daily Whoops or even The Daily Kardashian), one of the UK’s best loved/hated newspapers really ought to get their picture caption writers some lessons in English syntax and other literary trifles. [Read more…]

Setting your password: a guide for, er, beginners

Here is the online text discussion you can expect to endure the next time you’re asked to set a new password…many thanks to my good friend Laurence H. from London, England, for sharing…

HTWB rosesSorry that password has expired- you must register a new one.

Did anyone discover that password and hack my computer? [Read more…]