How to shine online: 7 video presentation tips from an expert

With COVID-19 having sent us all scuttling from live interaction to our on-screen doppelgängers, please join me in welcoming back one of the UK’s leading presentation trainers – Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius – to share his tips on how to come across well and as much like your real self as possible on the new, essential online video platforms. Here’s Simon…

“Do whatever you can to be seen to be a real person,” says Dr Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius 

Live presentations are out of the window right now. They might never come back. Given how bad most of them were that might not be totally a bad thing 😉 But moving to online presenting is more than just turning on the camera and microphone and then praying. [Read more…]

How to look your best on live streaming video

Yet again please welcome the multi-talented Steve Crawford who, in addition to being an ace performance poet and expert in sign-making and allied skills, until recently ran a very successful video production company. In the light of our increasing focus on both pre-recorded and also live streaming video, Steve has kindly shared with us the tips he put across to his video clients to ensure they looked their best on camera … whether there was time to prepare or not (much.)

How to look your best on live streaming video

If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range to dark colours, still taking care ideally to avoid black. ©ITU/ I.Wood

So you’re scheduled to appear on camera and really want you to look your best. This is especially important if you’re representing your business or an organization. You can improve the results, by following the simple guidelines I’ve listed below. [Read more…]

Blabbing on live video – some useful tips I picked up

If you have been following HTWB for a while you’ll know that recently I was initiated into the wonderful world of Blab, that incredible new institution that despite sounding like a tropical skin disease is actually a brilliant new channel of online communication.

Blabbing on live video - some useful tips I picked up

Despite Blab being a fairly new medium there are many “how to” articles and demos around. However here are some tips that I picked up while preparing for and doing my first Blab chat…and you might find them helpful.

First of all huge thanks must go to my good friend Steven Healey who grasped Blab by the throat the moment it emerged back in the summer of 2015 and has made it his own, with a brilliant series of Blab chats (Blabbers? Blabberations? We need a new vocabulary here…) [Read more…]

Do you know the latest news in content writing?

Do you know the latest news in content writing?Once a month HTWB picks out the best/most useful articles on content writing and allied topics, from around the web. Here’s the choice for October 2015:

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  • Facebook wants your blog posts
  • …and Shelley tells us how to take advantage of that 
  • Twitter finally stops strangling us
  • Giggling headshot: whatever next?
  • …and 2 crazy Canadians joke about business writing
  • Read on!

[Read more…]

What words to choose when you’re on live video

What words to choose when you're on live video

Watch out, you’re on live video…

These days we see video – a lot of it of terrible quality, but never mind – almost everywhere.

No sooner does someone get up to speak at a meeting than someone else exposes their sweaty armpits as they raise a smartphone up and film the person … [Read more…]