How to write seriously without being pompous

Not all that long ago, people writing for business, academia, professions etc. took the view that the only way to come across properly in writing was to write as formally and long-windedly as possible. You still see examples of this on websites, in blog posts, in white papers and of course printed communications.

Why pompous writing is so bad for business

“You have to use longer words. Longer sentences. You know, make it more corporate.”

Seemingly (now there’s a long word) in those bad old days the fact of using long words and long-winded writing was considered a way of showing that you’d had a good education.

Thankfully those days are over. But their influence lingers on in some quarters and particularly in those where old-fashioned values still lurk, like traditional professions e.g. law, accountancy, finance and medicine. [Read more…]