Your 60 second pitch: what to say to your regular networking audience

People, including yours truly here, love to talk about elevator speeches and how awful they can be. But whether or not we regard them scornfully they are an intrinsic, and immovable, part of our business networking culture.

Your 60 second pitch: what to say to your regular networking audience

To repeat the same 60 seconds’ worth of words more than once or twice is going to bore people.

How your 60 second pitch comes across at a networking event is something many people agonize over, and polish to the enth degree. And that’s fine, provided that each time you get up to do your 60 second pitch you’re talking to a fresh audience.

But what happens when many in that audience have heard your 60 second pitch before? Some maybe several times? [Read more…]

How to make business small talk

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Good business small talk is interesting and
helps to build solid business relationships

Although business small talk isn’t written down, it does involve the use of words which is why it’s here. And it’s not as simple a topic as you might imagine.

Small talk in social (and by that I don’t mean social media, but the earlier incarnation of the word) circumstances can be about anything from the weather to children and families to football to beer drinking. [Read more…]

Elevator speeches: we help our customers to ZZzzzzzz…

Elevator speeches: we help our customers to ZZZzzzz...Psssttt … did you know that potential customers are bored fartless by the stock answer to “what to do you do,” e.g. “we help people like you to quadruple your turnover in a week / make employees slave 12 hours a day for you until their hands bleed / have rampant sex that makes a jack rabbit look boring / etc.?

Recently I have been attending several face-to-face business networking meetings and as you know, most are prefaced by the ringleader getting everyone to introduce themselves.

Without fail in the last few weeks, each time I hear those words “we help our customers/clients to…” all eyes drop down to the smartphones for a surreptitious email check… [Read more…]